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Company Information

Please review the following for information about our company.

Kress Tool Krib was established in 1942 by Chet Kress, which handled Appliances, Hardware & Industrial Tools and Equipment.

Robert C. Kress, Chet's son then changed the name to Kress Tool Co., Inc. which refined its products with the changing market place stocked cutting tools, gauging equipment, and material handling products. Again with the changing industrial market trends we also became a Manufacturers Representative. Today Casterstore.com a division of CA Kress Products supplies our customers with products and services from dependable manufacturers along with follow-up service and support. Try us today, and see for yourself.

Company Address

Casterstore is located at the following address:

PO Box 25432
Rochester, New York 14625-0432
United States

Company Contact Information

Casterstore can be contacted via telephone at Local 585-671-2220 Toll Free: 888-472-5737, or via email by clicking the link below:

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